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  • Real time monitor Fuel consumption, fuel levels, battery status etc
  • Monitor the GS by online dashboards
  • Communication system 2G
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Historical events memory up to 1 year

  • How eVo Remote Managment works

    EVO is a system designed to monitor and control all Elcos MC4 cards via the Internet. The system continuously exchanges data with the cloud server using GPRS communication.

    Using a PC, Netbook, I-Pad, tablet, smartphone or any device that can access the Internet, you can connect to the cloud server and display all the available parameters, see charts, display alarms, historical data, information and the satellite position where the system is installed.

    When an alarm occurs, the system will generate an email and send a text message to alert the user immediately. To connect to the server, just enter the username and password that Elcos will provide at the time of activation. The system has a high safety level with an administration controller to regulate access and protect the privacy.

    For info please mail to: telecomm@elcos.net

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